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Radha's Journey to Independence and Learning

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Radha, a child with severe locomotor issues, is attending school with physiotherapeutic support, which has proven beneficial for her learning. It has been observed that she thrives when utilizing techniques such as task analysis, peer teaching, cooperative learning, and multisensory approaches. An upright rolator walker has significantly improved Radha's mobility, reducing tension in her shoulders and neck, and boosting her confidence to walk independently. To achieve this goal, the focus remains on strengthening her lower limbs, alongside active engagement to enhance her learning outcomes. Mr. Tauseef, the physiotherapist, continues to provide her with a range of walking exercises to enable independent walking, a process expected to continue for several more months. Moreover, efforts are directed towards training Radha in bladder control, communication, language, and social skills. Acquiring these abilities would allow her to attend school regularly with less assistance, creating tremendous opportunities for her educational and personal growth. In conclusion, through the combined efforts of physiotherapeutic support and a tailored educational approach, Radha's unique strengths are reinforced, opening doors to greater learning possibilities and independence.

Lesson Learned: Children with severe locomotor issues can be sent to school with physiotherapeutic support. Radha has unique strengths and competencies, and these must be identified and reinforced. She can show greater learning when techniques like task analysis, peer teaching, cooperative learning, and multisensory approach are used. Moving Forward: The upright rolator walker is aiding in Radha’s mobility while eliminating tension in her shoulders and neck and allowing her to look forward. Her enthusiasm and confidence promises that she will soon be able to walk independently. The prime focus therefore, is on strengthening her lower limbs to facilitate her independent walking along with active engagement to further improve her learning outcomes. Mr. Tauseef, the physiotherapist is providing her with range of walking exercises to enable her to walk and stand without support and will be working on the same for a few more months. Training her in bladder control, expressing her needs, and helping her acquire necessary language, communication, and social skills would create tremendous opportunities for Suman to regularly attend her school without much assistance.


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