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Samvidhan Karwaan

(A transformative bus journey amied at promtinf constitutional Values)

Samvidhan Karwan is a transformative bus journey aimed at promoting constitutional values and fostering unity in diversity among young people. The campaign revolves around upholding constitutional principles through dialogue, engagement, and grassroots action. It also serves as the launch event for the 3-year "PAHAL – Peace and Harmony through Attributional Learning" program, educating youth about constitutional principles.


On August 15th, 2023, the journey commenced from Lucknow with 50 enthusiastic participants. Stops included Study Well College in Sitapur, Fazle-Haq Chauraha, symbolic of India's freedom struggle, and Sidhauli, where Gandhi ji was during the Quit India Movement.


Activities at Shri Ram Swaroop University included art, Nukkad Nataks, and engaging games like "Kaun Banega Samvidhan Champion" and "Youth for Green." The journey culminated at Kakori, Lucknow, where it reinvigorated the spirit of valuable efforts.


The initiative encourages young people to share their vision for India, emphasizing nation-building, celebrating diversity, love, trust, harmony, and equity.


"PAHAL" educates youth on constitutional values and aims to engage 900 young people through a three year-long program. The approach focuses on self-awareness, positive youth convergence, multicultural bridge-building, and leadership development.


The Yeh Ek Soch Foundation has formed alliances with esteemed institutions such as Shri Ram Swaroop Memorial University, Study Well Intercollege, and the University of Lucknow.


Night Walk

(Youth initiative to reclaim spaces and odd hours a CMKB event)

The closure event of the My Life Mere Faisle fellowship program marked the culmination of an inspiring journey for the 10 remarkable fellows. Each fellow took the stage, reflecting upon their personal growth, challenges, and achievements throughout the program, demonstrating the profound impact it had on their lives.

The Night Walk, which began at 11 PM, consisted of four significant phases designed to provoke introspection and dialogue. Participants gathered at the symbolic clock tower, taking an oath to transform nights into secure spaces akin to daylight.

During the dialogue circle, participants engaged in candid discussions on the underlying causes of nighttime insecurities, particularly for girls. Shared narratives and empathetic exchanges fostered understanding and unity among the diverse attendees.

As the Night Walk progressed, participants conversed with the public, shedding light on societal norms that perpetuate an unsafe environment at night. These encounters prompted introspection and inspired transformative change.

The final phase took place in Jaineshwar Mishra park, encouraging profound self-reflection. Participants confronted their biases and preconceptions, paving the way to become change agents within their communities.

The Night Walk concluded at 6 AM, leaving a profound impact on the participants. Many felt a newfound sense of liberation, ready to challenge societal norms and contribute to crafting safer nights for all. The event shattered stereotypes, sparked vital conversations, and instilled individuals with confidence and agency.

YES's 4th Night Walk illuminated a path towards safer nights and an inclusive society where darkness no longer instills fear. It fostered a collective commitment to reclaiming the night, creating a space where everyone can thrive without apprehension, regardless of gender


Open Mic

(Youth eliminating knowledge gap on SRHR through Performing arts a CMKB event)

YES orchestrated an awe-inspiring open mic event at Umbrella Café, dedicated to eradicating knowledge gaps through the transformative power of performing arts. With an ensemble of 23 exceptionally talented artists, the event delved into the realms  of well-being, masculinity, and gender rights, captivating the audience's hearts and minds. 

Through mesmerizing displays of music, poetry, theater, and dance, the performances served as a medium to address the intricacies of mental, physical, and emotional health. The artists fearlessly shattered stereotypes, promoting a progressive and inclusive understanding of masculinity, while fervently advocating for gender equality and empowerment. Partner organizations actively showcased their own initiatives, fostering a sense of community engagement and solidarity in the pursuit of a better society. By creating an empowering and collaborative space, the event served as a catalyst for positive change, igniting inspiration and driving the collective efforts to bridge the existing gaps. YES effectively brought together artists, organizations, and attendees, uniting them in a shared vision of embracing holistic well-being and upholding the rights of all genders. This unforgettable gathering truly exemplified the transformative potential of the arts in fostering social progress and shaping a brighter future.


Normalize Nahi Act Karo

(Signature campaign 16 days of activism on gender based violence)

Location: University of lucknow

During the 16 Days of Activism campaign, YES Foundation organized a powerful signature campaign at the University of Lucknow to raise awareness about the social evil of Gender-Based Violence (GBV). The primary objective was to empower youth to speak up against GBV and initiate active conversations to break the normalization of these acts of violence.

The campaign aimed to directly engage and enhance the awareness of at least 300 students. It was strategically held from 12 PM to 2 PM, ensuring maximum student participation. Recognizing that both perpetrators and victims of GBV are often young individuals, fostering conversations on this crucial topic was paramount to the program's success.

Volunteers engaged in one-on-one discussions with university students, focusing on the issue of GBV. Additionally, VoxPoc sessions and a Poster March were conducted to amplify the message. The result was overwhelming, with more than 450 students actively signing their commitment to perpetually fight against gender-based violence.

This initiative by YES Foundation sparked a wave of awareness and activism, encouraging students to take a stand against GBV and actively contribute to building a safer society. The signature campaign served as a powerful reminder that together, we can create a world free from gender-based violence.


Satrangi Samaaj

(Nukkad Natak a CMKB event on Gender and Identities)

As part of the Chota Muh Khari Baat campaign, YES organized an impactful event consisting of Nukkad Natak (street play) and a Signature Drive at two prominent locations. Focused on gender and identities, the initiative aimed to foster a perspective shift in the audience's acceptance of the LGBTQ community and break societal norms surrounding gender.

Nukkad Natak, known for capturing the attention of bystanders, served as a powerful medium to convey the message. By going beyond the binary notions of male and female, the performance challenged gender norms and promoted inclusivity. The chosen locations, the University of Lucknow and Clock Tower, strategically ensured maximum outreach with an estimated direct audience of 1000 people.

The event was executed successfully, with the natak captivating the audience and sparking discussions. Throughout the day, we received appreciation and thought-provoking questions from attendees, indicating the effectiveness of the message conveyed. The event concluded at five in the evening, leaving a lasting impact on both participants and observers.

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