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Rahul's Triumph: Overcoming Challenges with Hope and Support

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Rahul's journey has been filled with hope and progress despite the challenges he faces. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy at a young age, Amit's condition affects his mobility, speech, and ability to attend school. However, with the support of various individuals and programs, he is overcoming these obstacles.

The SAFAL program played a crucial role in identifying Rahul's condition and connecting him with physiotherapist Antima Yadav. Through regular therapy sessions, Rahul is working on strengthening exercises for his upper body and limbs, improving his ability to manage his own weight. This progress is essential for his overall mobility and independence.

Unfortunately, Rahul father passed away, leaving his mother as the sole provider for the family. This tragedy added to the difficulties they were already facing. However, the family's determination and support from the community have been instrumental in Amit's journey.

Antima Yadav coordinated with the special educator and school principal of P.S. Mada, Mr. Manoj Kumar Singh, to ensure that Amit receives the necessary support at school. They recognized the need for a wheelchair to enable Rahul's regular attendance. With the help of Samagra Shiksha Abhiyan, a wheelchair was procured for Rahul. This collaboration ensured that Rahul had the mobility assistance required for his education.

​Rahul's sister also attends the same school and willingly volunteered to assist with the wheelchair. This act of sibling support further demonstrates the family's commitment to Amit's education and well-being.

The school has created a personalized learning plan for Rahul, with a focus on numeracy skills. The principal supervises his progress and ensures that he receives special attention in this area. The school's inclusive facilities, such as ramps and a separate washroom for children with disabilities, also contribute to Amit's comfort and accessibility.

Despite the challenges Rahul faces, he remains hopeful and determined. With the combined efforts of SAFAL, Antima Yadav, the school, and his family, he is making progress in managing his condition and continuing his education. The ultimate goal is for Rahul to support his family in the future by running their shop, and with the ongoing support he receives, this dream may become a reality.


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