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PAHAL- Peace and Harmony Through Attribution Leadership

Pahal is a journey that brings together young people from different backgrounds, identifying and breaking ideological borders, to build dialogue and take action in promoting constitutional values, unity, and peace. The foundation of this intervention lies in the 9 values of the Preamble, which they learn, absorb, and live by, developing a lens for social development in every space they inhabit.

The journey has two main aspects:

1. Awareness & public action :  through a year long journey of living through the 9 constitutional values of the preamble, we enable them to Think (Soch)| Understand (Samajh) | Converge (Samvaad)| Inclusion Practice (Samavesh). Each month is dedicated to one value and the above 4 components are run through. and convergence and inclusion practice is based on identifying and addressing commuinty based issues around that value. 

#Soch - Understanding the preassumptions about the values, and reflecting on our actions basis that belief#Samajh - Building awareness on the constitutional value and relevance in our life and society at large #Samvaad - dialogue/ discussion/public action around the value within the group (polarization) #Samavesh - Continued community action and a reflection on the 3 weeks and a pledge is taken which they will abide by and promote it in their community along with holding some community actions like nukkad natak, baithak, film screening, potluck meal, celebrating festivals & important days, games and stakeholder meetings

2. Building networks :  This is done by mobilization campaign, on going public action and other club activities led by young people in their community. This will be scheduled in the start of the jouney, mid journey and closure journey.

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