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MLMF-My Life Mere Faisle

My Life Mere Faisle (MLMF) program is conceptualized and led by Pravah in collaboration with partner organizations since 2015. The intervention addresses the issue of Early and Child marriage through psycho-social approach enabling young people to take charge of one's lives and decisions and is currently being run by 5 organisations across 5 states of India. Yeh ek soch foundation is currently running this program in UP.

MLMF works on behavior change approach through Capacity building of adolescent and young people on issues of SRHR , Gender and Identities  , Patriarchy, Intersectionality , Gender based violence ,   Body Image and Menstrual health and hygiene Management . It also focuses on building Capacity and strengthening skill of adolescent and young people on Decision making , Aspirations , Conflict resolution and advocacy in a safe and enriching environment so they can create their own agency and take active part in social change and empowerment of themself and their communities. 

Objective -

MLMF aims to create safe spaces and work with youth and adolescents in order to build their capacity so they can make decisions in their life and create their own agency. 

Create behavior shifts in young people and support them in taking social action and advocacy for their own issues 

Impact - 

MLMF is in its seventh yearly cycle. In this cycle our aim was to reach out to 225 Adolescent and youth through our curriculum implementation and 1100 youth and adolescent with support of our 11 Youth fellows. We have a team of 14 members with one Program lead , co - lead , an intern and 11 youth fellows working day and night to achieve our goal. We are currently active in two districts across 7 communities and 9 schools and colleges . 

We are currently working with 225 adolescents and youth through our direct implementation. 

We are working with 11 youth fellows who are going through their fellowship ( a transformational Journey ) and are currently working with 1100 young people and adolescents.

 We have registered 2.5 Lakh outreach through social media , print media and digital media  from our MLMf program and its annual campaign called Chota muh khari baat 

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