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Changelooms Fellowship

This program is envisaged as a 12-18 months inside-out learning and leadership journey as well as a collective space for young Change-makers and early-stage Social Entrepreneurs/Intrapreneurs that identifies, celebrates, and nurtures their leadership capacities and supports and mentors them to initiate ventures and projects to bring about norm change in their communities to mitigate the climate crisis (such as the adoption of renewables).

The journey also supports them to develop their ideas into projects/social change initiatives that reimagines climate action from the “nourishing and now” lens instead of “frightening and future” lens.


To nurture , support and mentor young social entrepreneurs who are working on climate action.

To build the capacity of young social entrepreneurs and help them to develop their ideas of climate change into a social change initiative. 


It is still at the initial stage of intervention. 

20 changemakers

  • 8 are from U.P., with 50% female members. 

Project Gallery

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