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Be a Jagrik

The primary objective of the project was to create sustained youth leadership and build an ecosystem of allies while enabling the natural “identity-quest” of young people that helps them discover how inextricably their well-being is linked to that of their community.

Goal:  Strengthen awareness, access of communities and accountability of duty bearers on gender-based violence, sexuality education, health services, and education among other ICPD priority issues by building agency of young people and through collective action, through a process that capacitates grass root organisations to enhance their engagement of young people

Phase 1 of the campaign commenced in 2018, involving 11 member organizations and 383 young jagriks. Its primary objectives were constitutional literacy and empowering youth leadership in society. Following the remarkable success of Phase 1, Phase 2 was initiated in 2020 amid the challenges of the pandemic. This phase featured 7 member organizations and engaged 196 jabardast jagriks. Its central focus was on fostering youth-centric leadership and guiding them in building safe communities.

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